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Oh gosh, where do I even begin? This will probably be a mess of text.

In August I started temping at the shipping company DHL! Since then I've been working hard and loving my job so so much. I have made friends who I really like a lot. It makes me so happy to be able to see them every day and talk to them all the time. I have even made friends in other departments which is really fun too! I don't see them as often, but I enjoy talking to them and knowing them.

There is Matt and Nic who work in my department and our breaks overlap, so I sit with them at break and we talk about stupid things and it's really fun! I'm actually really grateful that I became friends with them and it's thanks to Matt! He's a seemingly super social person and he actually started talking to me when I was sitting a different desk. He would email me and we started talking that way! Matt and Nic would always go on break together, but then one day Nic called in and Matt asked me if he could take his break with me! And then I just started going to break with both of them! It was awkward at first because Nic is the kind of person that's pretty aloof and while it isn't hard to get to know him, he just seems like he won't go out of his way to try and get to know someone! So I'm happy that I got to know him because he's really awesome! It was also awkward because I don't talk as much as most people and I like to listen to people talk, so most of the time I just listen to other people talk when there is more than just 2 people in the group. But I have opened up a lot more and am way more comfortable with being myself around them!
But anyways! I had to move desks over the holidays and I got the desk right next to Matt's, which I was super stoked about! We email a lot earlier in the day and at night after everything has calmed down and people have left, Matt and I will just start talking and have conversations while doing the easy clean up work. I really like working later because of that! It's so much more casual and fun, but work is still getting done!

This week I have been working so much overtime and I am really happy about it! This week has been so fun... Monday I stayed until 5:30am and have been leaving around 3-4am the rest of the nights.
I think this week has just been really fun because it's been really fun hanging out with Matt super late and just talking about stupid stuff and we even left at the same time on both monday and tuesday! I really like Matt. ;_; I want to hang out with him on the weekend and actually he invited me to come over this Sunday but I don't know if I'll be able to go because it's suppose to snow a lot and I haven't had much experience with driving in snow, so that would probably be bad!!

And!!! A couple weeks ago, my supervisor Becky, who is super adorable and I love her so much, she is so sweet ;_; she told me about a position that was opening up and told me to apply for it!! And I got the job!! My start date is this Monday! Which means I will officially be an employee!! I'm so excited about it because this is like my real first job! Jade Café was a real job, yeah! But, that was so different; in my mind because it was run by my family and it's a comfort zone thing... This is different! I almost feel like an adult now. It's so strange.

I just have so many feelings about my job and friends. I love them all so much.

Guess I'll try and work on updating more! I read my friends list every day, but typing up a journal always seems so difficult, especially when I say most of this stuff out loud or post it on twitter. Also I'm on a computer the whole time I'm a work, so my eyes are tired when I get home!

Pokemon Y!

I figured I'd post with my team and stuff!! Also my friend code!! I will add everyone! I'm loving the online features!! :D

55 hours, 5 badges, 154 caught.

My team is:
Sulphate the male shiny Gigalith!! lv 45. PANNSIE IS SUPER AMAZING and traded me her shiny roggenrola and I literally cried
Ison the female Onix! Lv 49 I need to find a metal coat!!
Liddane the female Dodrio! Lv 49
Jester the male Greninja! Lv 42 I'm probably going to replace him..
Edd the girl Heliolisk! Lv 45 I just evolved her before battling Clemont :D
Vodka the Carbink! Lv 47! I really wanted to name it Sobieski, but I wasn't allowed to. ;_;

I love Carbink soooo much! Maybe my favorite XY pokemon! Along with Helioptile! :D

Anyways, add me and comment with your FC!! We can trade and battle!!


And if someone can link me to the community FC list, that would be great... :D
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Our living room is almost completely done! With the exception of hanging some pictures and getting a desk for our home computer!

So here are some pictures!!!!!!!!!!

*lens flare*
*spock hoodie*

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My room is still not done. Our wi-fi doesn't reach up there(have to move the box) and it's lonely, so I should be working on clothes are still in garbage bags...! Excited to show it off once it's done though. :)

I'm so happy here. It feels like a real home. Our old place never felt like this. It's wonderful here.
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So moving...! A lot has happened and I haven't had net since we've moved here, other than 4G on my phone, which I should probably should not be using so much of. I don't know if it's unlimited or not, aha.
Not that I can really do much besides twitter and texting on Kik! It's a really great app that I started using to talk to Angie since she lives in Australia. I just added a bunch of friends and I'm excited to be able to talk to them all! I'm bad about logging into AIM and I find Skype to be confusing, so I don't get to talk to people that often.

The days are all really confusing right now, as is time. We have no clocks set up and I almost never check my phone, always the microwave or our half face clock.
UHHHM well we got everything moved in on Saturday and when we got here we were VERY disappointed at what we saw.
Originally we looked at a 2 bedroom place because there were no empty 3 bedrooms, which is what we planned on getting. We got a feel for what things were like and we liked it a lot! When we walked into our new 3 bedroom, it was so gross. Everything felt dirty. Even with new carpet and ceiling fans and light fixtures.
Apparently, the past tennants didn't take care of this place at all. The kitchen had to be completely redone. Under the sink there was a leak and they didn't call to get it fixed, so it rotted out the wood on the bottom and up on the sides, which means that it was left like that for a LONG time. The upstairs bathroom had giant gaps where there was groute missing behind the toilet and along the shower. Just...a lot of not very nice things.
When we first walked in though, only the sink cabinets were torn out, so there was still the higher ones. We assumed that these were still going to be ours and we were very upset when we opened them because the shelves were literally like this |/)|. Later we found out that they just were not able to get everything torn out before our move in date because they didn't realize just how bad the place was damaged.
They've been working very hard the past few days on getting our kitchen done. Everything is brand new and BEAUTIFUL. We've been told that we have the nicest kitchen on the property now.
One thing that I am very happy about, besides having a wonderful new kitchen, is that the maintenance guys are so so so so nice and I am perfectly comfortable with being home alone with them. I don't get the creeps at all. They talk to me and joke around. They're very polite and apologetic about being here so much, but I don't care, I very much enjoyed their company. Especially since I had to get an Ikea delivery and even though the Ikea people were very nice too, I'm still very tiny and people can be scary.

We had an incident with one of the people working on our new place too. Not the mantenance people. It was a contractor that they hired to fix some stuff on the roof.
A guy who worked for this contractor decided that it would be a great idea to instead of using a ladder to take the tools up to the roof, he chose to throw them onto the roof. This is dumb in general. But when these tools came back down, they happened to land right on the hood of our car.
He then picks up the tool again. Drill btw. And throws it up again. This time it lands on the windshield and bounces all over the car. My mom and I were watching him do this from my room and as he picks it up and goes to throw it AGAIN, while laughing too! My mom beats on my window yelling for him to stop.
Luckily there isn'ta lot of damage other than a few knicks in the windshield and frame, but we still have to get it fixed. Could have been much worse.
My mom flipped out about it big time, which is understandable since we just left the other place because of having our car keyed and having nothing done about it. Then two days after we move in, that happens.
I felt bad for George(one of the nice maintenance guys) because he had to listen to her wrath, but he handled the situation so great. He went out there and talked to the guy and then called that guy's boss and the guy is apparently not allowed back onto the property.
Just not a very good start to our move!

I've been writing this journal over the course of a few days, since I've been busy, so things might go off track and in circles!! The days just blend together now and not having a clock is really driving me crazy. I HAVE INTERNET AGAIN THOUGH. Finally! They still haven't sent us our new box, but we brought our old one over so that we can have net because I've been SO....NOT INVOLVED...I've been more productive I guess! It feels weird to sit down before bed and not use my computer!

Wes got the job he wanted to get, so he's working with my uncle David! Today was his 3rd day and he's very sore from doing a differen job. With serving and kitchen work, you walk around a lot and with what he's doing now, it's a lot of bending over to get stuff out of boxes. But, because of Wes starting at the new place, we've cut the hours down at the restaurant and are only open for 4 days a week for the dinner shifts. I don't think we'll lose much business and it seems like we haven't had any pissed off people as of yet. It's really nice because we have more time in the day to do things! Like yesterday we put our couch together and had time to sit around and eat before going into work. It's a long drive now (40ish minutes), but it's not terrible with the new hours.

We've got most of the living room put together now. I have my tv stand set up that I've wanted for SO LONG and it looks SO amazing! I can't get over it! I will make a journal at a later date once I find my camera charger so I can take nice pictures! Though pictures will not do it justice!

Also hahahaha at our old apt, our old landlord was mad because we were leaving, so she put an eviction notice our door. Just thought that was funny! 11 years of us moving in and out of there and never paying our rent late and we make one complaint and want her to get rid of the guy who keyed our car and is the one person everyone in the complex complains about and she won't do it.
I'm so glad to be out of there. I'm so happy now.
Our new place is so wonderful. I have an upstairs bedroom which is bigger with a huge closet. A HUGE window that gets sunlight and I'm comfortable leaving my blinds open. I closed them at the other place after all that stuff happened and I never got any sunlight and it was so hard to wake up and was very depressing in general. I'm okay with walking out by myself now, I'm okay being home by myself or even with the maintenance people, which is something I never was okay with at the other place. I just...didn't realize how unhappy I was there? I knew I was, but wow now that I am in such a wonderful place, I feel so relieved that things turned out this way. Money will be tighter, but it's worth it to be this much happier.
I have a lot of thoughts and feelings and I just cannot express how wonderful I feel now. I think not being on the computer for a while has helped too. I sat in my living room today on our couch and watched my lizard Tarin play on our new house plants, which she really seems to love. Speaking of a couch; wow. We haven't had a couch in 5 years and I am so happy to have one now. We have only had a lovesac for the past 5 years. A lovesac is basically a giant bean bag that is filled with shreaded memory foam and it doesn't go flat. You just fluff it up and it's good as new.

Lucy also text me today and told me that her and David are going to be in town this weekend! I feel so bad because I haven't talked to them at all lately. I've been having such a bad life and when I get sad I tend to avoid people because I don't want to make them sad as well. David has been asking me about school and how my studying is going, but with everything going on, I haven't had any time for it. But, if they're still in town on sunday, they're going to come over to see our new place, so I'm hoping to get things looking better before they come over! So I'm going to leave this how it is and go unpack more. It's harder to unpack at night because we still have yet to get a lamp to put in the living room and it's super dark without one!
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chalk hearts sound delicious

Ahh, so things have been better lately. We haven't had anyone be terrible to us since the car. But my one green anole Rex died from old age, which was really sad. And my other lizard Buster has a bad infection now. He might die from the shock of the medication, but he seems to be doing okay. I've been keeping him on my chest a lot to keep him warm and calm. My lizard is getting some action, woo woo!

Other than that, not much has happened lately. We look at an apartment on monday which we all have high hopes for. I think we'll really like the place and Danica and I have pretty much everything planned out!

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And lastly! I finished this guy last night. He's been my project for the past week or so. I needed a creative outlet and sculpting would just make more things to pack, so sewing happened instead!

I'm planning on auctioning him on pkmncollectors, but I don't know how much I should start it at? I'm only used to sculpting, so I have no idea!
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I'm really bad about writing journals

I spent most of the day sleeping. Last night, I got very angry and upset at the world and wasn't able to fall asleep for a while, as much as I tried.

Apparently at work last night, the subject of gay people was brought up and the teenagers that I work with said some really harsh things. I don't even really want to talk about it, because I will get very angry again.
I guess the anger from last night effected me more than I thought it would because I got up at 6pm. I got up around 11am before, but ended up laying in bed too tired to move.
I really just don't like the people in this town. Everyone is super religious and crams their beliefs down your throat. I can't tell you how many times we've been told we're going to hell or that we should get out of this town.
I ended up going into work right after I managed to get out of bed because tonight was the Snowball dance for the local high school, which we had no idea, so we were understaffed. I couldn't make eye contact with any of them and I couldn't even speak to them other than work related things. I ended up sobbing at work because of how angry I was. And the thought of the hatred that is brought upon so many people. I just don't understand how anyone can hate a group of people when they've done nothing wrong to you what so ever.

I thought about typing this up last night, but ugh. :( It's been a while since I've cried about anything this severely. I don't want to live in this area anymore... The more my mom and Wes talk about wanting moving to Oregon, the better it sounds... I still want to live with Danica, I just can't see myself being in this area with these horrible people anymore.

I've been watching Adventure Time a lot lately, thanks to Danica and clair2522. It's such a good show! I'm excited to make figures of the characters. Mainly Ice King and Gunter. I'm glad that I've been branching out with my sculpting a bit! I have a list of things I want to make. It's pretty nice not having to do commissions.... Money is nice, but I just don't have as much fun when I'm doing commissions.

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I'm pretty much finished with my Valentime's exchange gift, can't show that off yet though, oops!
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clay stuffs

More pictures of old christmas gifts!
I'll have a few more to show soon.

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My paid account on here ran out today. I don't really care too much, I will miss my userpics, but I already narrowed them down to the ones I use more often. So hard to choose which ones I wanted, haha. I'm an icon whore.

Danica is leaving tomorrow in the afternoon. :( She originally was suppose to leave on sunday, but for reasons, she has to leave a day early. I'm really bummed about it. I was all mentally prepped for her to leave on sunday and having her leave a day early is just sad. It's been really fun though. <3